Discover Cluster Specs

Discovering support bundle and redactor specs in cluster secrets and configmaps

Introduced in Troubleshoot v0.47.0.

You can use the --load-cluster-specs flag with the support-bundle CLI to discover Support Bundle and Redactor specs in Secrets and ConfigMaps in the cluster. This allows you to use the support-bundle CLI to automatically discover specs at runtime, rather than manually specifying each spec individually on the command line.

For Troubleshoot v0.42.0 and later, you can specify multiple specs on the command line. When you use the --load-cluster-specs flag, Troubleshoot applies the specs that you provide on the command line as well as any specs discovered in the cluster.


To use the --load-cluster-specs flag with the support-bundle CLI, there must be an existing Secret or ConfigMap object in the cluster.

The Secret and ConfigMap objects in the cluster must meet the following requirements:

  • The labels key must have a matching label of troubleshoot.io/kind: support-bundle.

    NOTE: You can overwrite the expected label with the -l or --selector flag. For example, ./support-bundle -l troubleshoot.io/kind=something-else.

  • The data key in the Secret or ConfigMap object must match support-bundle-spec or redactor-spec.

The following is an example of a ConfigMap with a troubleshoot.io/kind: support-bundle label and a data key matching support-bundle-spec:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
    troubleshoot.io/kind: support-bundle
  name: some-bundle
  support-bundle-spec: |
    apiVersion: troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2
    kind: SupportBundle
      name: example
        - logs:
              - app=example
              - component=nginx
            namespace: default
              maxAge: 720h
              maxLines: 10000
        - runPod:
            collectorName: "static-hi"
              - name: static-hi
                image: alpine:3
                command: ["echo", "hi static!"]
        - textAnalyze:
            checkName: Said hi!
            fileName: /static-hi.log
            regex: 'hi static'
              - fail:
                  message: Didn't say hi.
              - pass:
                  message: Said hi!


Generate a Support Bundle with specs found in the cluster:

./support-bundle --load-cluster-specs

Generate a Support Bundle with a spec from a CLI argument as well as the specs discovered in the cluster:

./support-bundle https://raw.githubusercontent.com/replicatedhq/troubleshoot/main/sample-troubleshoot.yaml --load-cluster-specs

Generate a Support Bundle with specs found in the cluster matching a custom label:

./support-bundle --load-cluster-specs -l troubleshoot.io/kind=something-else

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