Ceph Status

Check that Ceph is healthy

The Ceph Status analyzer is available to check that Ceph is reporting healthy.

The analyzer's outcome when clause may be used to evaluate and compare against the actual Ceph health status, and supports standard comparison operators.


checkName: (Optional) Analyzer name.

collectorName: (Optional) Must match the collectorName specified by the Ceph collector. If this is not provided, it will default to rook-ceph.

Outcomes (Optional)

The when value in an outcome of this analyzer will be compared to the ceph status command .health.status with possible values HEALTH_OK, HEALTH_WARN and HEALTH_ERR. The when value can either be the desired status or can include an operator in the format when: "<operator> <status>", for example when: "< HEALTH_OK". Supported operators are <, <=, >, >=, ==, !=.

When unspecified, outcomes will default to:

  - pass:
      message: "Ceph is healthy"
      when: "HEALTH_OK"
  - warn:
      message: "Ceph status is HEALTH_WARN"
      uri: "https://rook.io/docs/rook/v1.4/ceph-common-issues.html"
      when: "HEALTH_WARN"
  - fail:
      message: "Ceph status is HEALTH_ERR"
      uri: "https://rook.io/docs/rook/v1.4/ceph-common-issues.html"
      when: "HEALTH_ERR"

Example Analyzer Definition

apiVersion: troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2
kind: Preflight
  name: ceph-status
    - ceph: {}
    - cephStatus:
          - pass:
              message: "Ceph is healthy"
              when: "== HEALTH_OK"
          - warn:
              message: "Ceph status is unhealthy"
              uri: "https://rook.io/docs/rook/v1.4/ceph-common-issues.html"
              when: "<= HEALTH_WARN"
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